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123movies.com is a site that provides you with the best experience of watching movies and TV shows online. We are always excited to watch exciting and entertaining movies in our free time. We always look for movies, tv shows, anime, or web series whenever we have some time to binge-watch. If you are looking for the latest movies then 123movies is the perfect website for you. We have the best features through which you can watch movies and tv shows at your comfort any time and anywhere. No need for registration. Also, there is no cost you have to pay to stream the movies and TV shows.

What Is 123Movies?

123Movies is a video streaming website where viewers can watch TV shows and Bollywood or Hollywood films. People can see the most recent films that have been released in HD quality on this website. Nobody else’s streaming service can accomplish it. The majority of viewers engage with this website since no other website uploads the most recent TV shows, Bollywood, or Hollywood films before 123Movies.

A user of this international streaming service can get a sizable collection of free online movies and episodes. These websites not only let people see information online through several streaming points but also download it for free.

Visitors can choose from a huge selection of films, including recent releases, on 123Movies and other streaming websites. There is no need for you to register or log in. Simply click the title of the movie you wish to view, and your computer or mobile device will start streaming it. Simply click the desired title to launch streaming on your computer or another internet-enabled device.

It is a website that allows you to binge-watch all the movies and TV series for free. You can get completely free HD-quality content on this website. A language barrier won’t prevent you from accessing the content because it is available in all languages. In addition, this website offers the option to download a movie or TV show as quickly as possible.

On this, you may find the majority of films and television programs. You can find titles from other well-known streaming services like Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu in addition to brand-new blockbusters that have only recently debuted in theatres. 123Movies is one of the most well-liked streaming services as a result of the range of content available. Your PC, tablet, or smartphone browser can be used to watch movies.

History Of 123Movies

123movies is one of the most famous pirated websites. It became very famous in very less time. They Have achieved traffic of 95 million. We acquired the title of the world’s most famous pirated website on Earth by MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America).  

This site operates from Vietnam and provides its services worldwide. It is an online file-hosting website that provides its content in English. It originated in Vietnam and is available around the world. It is a commercial website that earns through advertising. It was launched in 2015. It provided unlicensed content to its users. It was shut down in 2018. 

After being shut down, 123movies emerged online with different names. Some of the names were gomovies.to, gostream.to, etc. The old name was changed to gomovies. The website had an Alexa ranking of 559 in the USA. We received more than 9 million users in 2016.

123movies became the most used pirated website in the United Kingdom. One two three movies website provides movies in different quality which includes HDRip, high definition & Blu-ray. 

It provided movies through different servers like open load and other servers. They launched another website in 2017; the name was animehub.to and it provided anime. The website is technically hosted in Ukraine. There are so many steps involved in hiding the identity of the operators. They created different email accounts so that they could remain hidden. 

On 2018 March 19, the operators of 123movies wrote a message on the website that they would be shutting down the site as they respect film or content and filmmaking by paying for Content. The site was shut down after some time but there are some domains left that are doing the same, websites like this provide movies and TV shows for free but they ads pop-ups and related malware. They hinder the user experience, pop-up ads not only spoil the user experience but also are not safe. The ads contain malware that can damage your system or even can gain access to your personal data and sell them to dangerous people. 

If you are trying any other site like 123movies, you may also get attacked by hackers, therefore you need a secure connection to use this website a VPN is best, but you have to pay for it. 

123movies website does not recommend you buy a VPN but we recommend you buy a membership of websites like Netflix or Amazon Prime. They provide great content freely and in a safe way. By subscribing to websites like these you are not paying money to watch content but for your safety also. Watching or downloading TV shows or movies from sites like 123movies is totally illegal. We make this website just for providing information about these in this website. You might not be able to watch or download any movie or TV show. 

We set up this 123movies just for information purposes. We don’t upload any movie trailers or cut scenes. It respects DMCA or the director for their hard work, time, effort, and money. We suggest you watch movies in theaters. It is the best way to support their work and they don’t support any website which shows pirated content. 

Downloading content and uploading it for movie streaming without copyrights is illegal. This site stands for creators by saying no to piracy.

It is a popular pirated movie website. It offers free movies and TV shows for free. You can watch Bollywood, and Hollywood movies and TV shows on this 123movies. Our website is available on desktops, mobiles, and tablets.

Why choose 123 Movies?

123Movies has expanded to become one of the most well-liked free streaming services for movies and TV shows as a result of favorable feedback from our users. As a result, the following features—which you may find interesting—are now accessible on the website:

You can view and explore all the movies and TV shows on this website based on your interests. You can get excellent selections with all genres and top quality here. Because of its distinctive features that you won’t discover on other websites, 123Movies is one of the most loved sites.


You are not required to register on the website in order to receive this best movie experience. It’s beneficial. Right? You are not required to divulge any private information. There is no chance of a data breach. We always worry about this and are reluctant to include personal information because doing so carries significant risk. On this website, you may effortlessly access all the TV series and movies without having to register or provide any personal information.


All websites that offer online streaming services have advertisements, which occasionally introduce malware to your devices. Additionally, these advertisements are pretty annoying when they keep appearing while we are binge-watching. 123Movies thus offers you high-quality entertainment at no cost other than advertisements. As a result, there will be spam problems and data security difficulties, and your data will not be kept and secured.

Video Quality

We are aware that watching your television show or movie without a high-quality screen does not provide the entertainment you want in your free time. If you don’t get high-premium quality movies, as well as if the quality of any movie you are downloading or watching is interrupted in the middle of it, it could ruin your mood. You won’t experience any problems watching or even downloading on your devices when using 123Movies. You can always rely on our website for high-quality content. Additionally, even if you choose to see it in low resolution, the video’s quality won’t be significantly diminished.

A great binge-watching experience

Buffering spoils mood. Consider that you are enjoying a suspenseful movie. Additionally, the buffering begins when the suspense is revealed. You’re aggravated. Right? The thrill will be ruined, and everyone’s mood will be affected by this buffering. People occasionally become irritable and irritated. And they typically close it and move on to other tasks. Your binge-watching will be easy thanks to the website 123Movies. You won’t ever become impatient or irritated while watching through it.

Content Library

More than 500k movies and TV shows in various genres and languages are available on this site. Offering more movies than other websites combined is setting standards. We firmly believe in giving people the greatest possible experience so they won’t need to search for their preferred TV episodes or films on other platforms. The largest platform for binge-watching in the entire market is thought to be 123movies.

Is it safe to watch movies from 123movies?

No, websites like 123movies offer movies for free but it comes with huge risks. The developers of this site make sure they earn money through ads. Here are some risks you can face while using the website.


Ads are a major part of 123movie and similar sites. Their entire earnings are based on ads. These ads ruin your experience of watching movies. Unlike 123movies, premium websites offer a much better user experience and no ads.

Malware in Ads

Malware is a very common issue on websites with ads. Malware can harm your system. Using an anti-virus can be a solution, but some malware can even pass through their security and further harm the system. It is much better to use a premium movie website, which offers a safe and entertaining experience to movie lovers.

IP Address

Websites like 123movies can track your IP address. An IP address is a unique identifying address that your internet service providers provide you. They can track your IP address and may steal your data, they can even sell your data to dangerous people. If you are accessing this site, use a high-quality virtual private network. It changes your IP address for some time. Use a good quality VPN, if you want absolute safety.

Impact of 123Movies on Box office Collections

A movie is made by so many hardworking people. Websites like 123movies leak their movies on the first day of the release. The actor, producer, and director work hard for a film.

A large amount of money is invested in a movie. It includes the salaries of the cast, the editing process, CGI, and other payments. They expect that they would recover the amount through Box Office collections and other sponsors. By leaking their movies on the first day, their entire collection falls down, as people don’t pay for watching movies. Various Impacts on production houses by sites like 123movies:

Monetary terms

Movie making is a very expensive process. A movie contains a popular and talented cast, action sequences, CGI work, salaries of the crew, and other things. This adds up to the cost. The cost of making a movie can go up to billions. A producer handles all the costs and expects that they will recover the cost by selling the movie rights to OTT Platforms, TV Distributors, and by box office collection. But websites like 123movies and putlocker leak their movies on the first day of release. 

Due to this, the audience does not buy a ticket and watch the movie on the internet for free. Millions of people watch their movies on pirated platforms. This hinders the entire box office collection of the movie. A movie that was expected to earn more than 2 billion at the box office is now earning 1 billion only. That’s a huge loss. This reduces the entire earnings of the movie and producers have to incur the loss.

Movie worth

Theater provides the best movie-watching experience. Websites like 123movies may provide you with movies on the very first day of the release. But the movie they will provide will always be bad in quality. They generally record the movie through a local camera and then upload the movie on the internet, it gets shared on every platform, and every website uses the same quality of movie with its own watermark. The recorded movies are bad in quality and it ruins the movie-watching experience. The movies will contain many cuts and even live audiences that came to theaters to watch that movie. 

Less impact of the content

Bad quality plus cuts may ruin your movie experience. This will impact your opinion and reviews of the movie. You will not get a clear message of the movie due to bad quality.  

What should you do?

We agree that you are a movie lover and you like to watch movies as instantly as they release. You don’t have time or enough budget to always watch movies in the theater. Here are some things that you can do:

  •  Save your money, and watch only some selected movies
  • VCDs and DVDs are an obsolete form of media, but they provide genuine distribution of content, you can buy the CDs and plug them into your CD player or laptop and watch the movies instantly
  • OTT has taken over the world entertainment industry. People love to watch movies on Netflix, amazon prime, Hulu, Disney plus, and many other platforms. Producers of the films sell rights to ott, by this way you can wait for your favorite movie to release on the ott platform. It’s worth the wait.  

How can you stop piracy?

Piracy is a major crime. It has affected millions of people globally. You are an equal part of the crime if you regularly support websites like 123movies by watching movies on the website for free. If you stop watching movies on illegal websites, stop using pirated torrent websites and actually watch the movie on the big screen, then you are one step closer to fighting against piracy. It is a crime and it needs to be stopped #banpiracy.

Despite all the challenges and traffic that 123movies has received, there are other platforms that are always giving healthy competition to it. Some of them included the issues with regard to piracy of content however they have been removed for the same reason and if we discuss this category there is no site better than 123movies. The active sites similar to 123movies for online streaming are:


It is a well-known platform to stream movies and series online. Just like 123movies, it has a huge collection of movies and TV shows. Netflix has got their own production house for some movies which are released on the platform as Netflix Originals. Netflix is a website and an app for both Android and IOS platforms Smartphone. This makes Netflix a handy platform for its users. It offers a free trial of 7 days.

2. Amazon Prime

Amazon prime was also known as prime video is a platform by Amazon which covers the latest movies, Tv shows, and award-winning Amazon Originals series. It is very well compatible with fire TV stick hence you are able to watch movies on your TV as well with Amazon prime. It offers a free membership trial of 30 days to all.


123movies has got a good categorization of all the movies likewise Hulu is a site that has got a huge collection of movies and shows categorized into different genres. Unlike 123movies, Hulu has got its own production named Hulu originals. Hulu has different plans with ad support, without ads, and with live TV functions. Thus, you have the option to choose as per your need.

4. HBO Max

HBO max is the latest competitor of 123movies as it is launched in May 2020. Due to its recent launch, it is available only in the US and certain territories of the US. It has got a handsome collection of TV shows, movies, and kid’s shows. It offers 7 day trial for testing the satisfaction of services to users. 

5. Disney+

Disney+ is also a recent platform that was launched in late 2019. The similarity between 123movies and Disney+ is the massive collection of movies. The interesting package of Disney+ will make you subscribe to it. You may check the official website for the best plans available. Indeed, they have got their Originals too i.e. shows they have produced.

6. Youtube Movies & Shows

Youtube is not a similar site to 123movies but it’s in fact better. Both Youtube and 123movies are free to use. The only difference is that Youtube does not have pirated content however 123 movies have some. Lately, Premium membership of Youtube has been launched which avoids ads to enhance user experience and offer some extra features.


This is a very similar site to 123movies in terms of categorization of an enormous number of movies, TV shows, anime, and Live TV. Live Tv is not offered by this site which can be considered an important factor to call this a better option than 123movies. In our opinion, the packages for the subscription are quite high compared to other OTT.

123Movies still has an advantage over all these platforms as you can watch all the original series online on one website. The other benefit that you get here is, you don’t have to pay for anything as it’s free however it is unethical from some perspectives. Also, we suggest you use VPN when using or trying any kind of site as certain sites may steal your data, especially the one starting with “HTTP://”. Enjoy your time watching the latest movies on 123movies or any other platform of your comfort. 

FAQs related to 123movies

When you visit these websites, a lot of questions come up. We are aware that sometimes users have difficulty navigating these kinds of websites. The following are all the frequently asked questions that users may have regarding this:

Is the APK version of 123 movies available?

No, you can only stream movies and tv shows on the website of 123movies only. There are no restrictions on the browser. You can stream it on any browser. You just have to open the site and enjoy watching your favorite one without any disruptions. Even you can download movies and save them to watch later.

Do I Have To Register With123Movies?

The most popular movie-downloading website usually requires registration. However, 123movies is not like that; it is a whole distinct site, and there is no sign-up procedure required to download movies there. All of them are completely free, and you may download any movies from them without having to register.

However, if you compare this site with other websites, you’ll discover that one of them has made a compulsory registration procedure. 123movies are everyone’s favorite for these causes.

Can the content be binge-watch using subtitles?

Yes, you can definitely watch the content with subtitles. You can turn it on or off whenever you want. Also, the subtitles are available in different formats and languages. You can choose accordingly so that you can watch your favorite shows and movies without any language barrier.

Why was 123Movies so famous?

Due to its activity, 123 Movies is quite well-liked in the US. They continue to put in a lot of effort, and it has been working for many years. A film is always streamed on 123Movies after it has been released. As you are aware, people prefer to watch movies as soon as they are released.

However, they don’t have enough time to get to the theatre and also have little free time. People utilize 123Movies to see the newest movies because of this. As a result, the user will have access to free streaming of the newest Hollywood, Bollywood, Telugu, and Tamil films.

How much time does the movie or show take to download?

It was entirely dependent on your internet speed; if you had one, you may download any movie in under an hour. However, if your internet speed is not good, I advise using the streaming feature rather than downloading a movie because doing so would be boring and a waste of time.

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